This corporation is a nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public purposes and/or charitable purposes.

The specific purpose of IMUA Volleyball Club is to assist youth in developing the characteristics of citizenship, respect, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and physical and mental well-being through the spirit of organized amateur sports competition at the local, state and national levels. This is accomplished through the corporation's mission statement and policy of teaching youth to strive for excellence both on and off the court. The corporation actively participates in the USA Volleyball Junior program and is organized with the goal of fostering national and/or international competition.  


Back in 1988, volleyball throughout the Monterey Peninsula was extremely popular.  An avid volleyball player could easily find a game with good competition, whether it be on grass, sand or indoor on any given day.  However, what the Peninsula lacked, or for the most part did not exist, was high school boys’ volleyball.  Boys’ volleyball was not yet established in high school throughout Monterey County until 1991.  With no high school volleyball available and the urge of wanting to compete at the next level, long time friends Vince "Kino" Rosa, Jr, Jason Companion, John Companion, Pomaikai Bush, and Keoni Ward decided to talk Kino's father Vincent Rosa Sr. into starting a boy's junior volleyball organization.  It wasn't very long after weeks of constant nagging that Vincent Rosa, Sr. decided to coach his son and close companions.  Vincent Rosa, Sr. (current Head Coach for Seaside High School), one of the most decorated and experienced volleyball coaches ever on the Monterey Peninsula, decided to launch the IMUA VOLLEYBALL CLUB. Uncle Vincent Rosa graduated from Kamehameha School - Kapalama Campus in 1964.  After high school In the late-1960s uncle played on the All-Army and U.S. National teams.  Uncle was given the opportunity to use the prestigious Kamehameha's "IMUA" slogan in the mainland for his volleyball club.  The rest is history...

In its first year of existence, Imua Boys Volleyball Team finished third place in the 1988-1989 Boys ABC Regional Championships, and one year after moved up to second. After three years, inevitable or not, the team became the best in Northern California and one of the top teams in all of California.

IMUA Volleyball Club meant more than a group of passionate volleyball athletes who got together to compete.  Its foundation was built by the love and traditional cultures of Hawaii through Coach "Uncle" Vincent Rosa.  The unity of every player did not only come from the hard work and commitment on the volleyball court, but encompassed family get-togethers throughout the year at Coach "Uncle" Rosa’s home and other set locations. These types of gatherings created closeness not only for the players, but the entire ohana (family).  After 20 years, the bonding of companionship still persists.

Through the years, IMUA “ADULT” VOLLEYBALL CLUB competed as THE MONTEREY VOLLEYBALL CLUB and TEAM ALOHA 808, but eventually re-established back to its original name.  IMUA Volleyball Club has successfully achieved championship titles in every Northern California Volleyball Association division and Far Western Championships from BB Silver to AA Gold division.  During the late 1990's, Jason Companion, one of the original Team Imua volleyball players, was fortunate to continue the legacy of the Imua Volleyball Club and is currently competing with the men's adult open team.  Jason's wife Veronica Companion is the captain and also competes with the women's adult open team.  Both adult IMUA teams are one of the top teams in Northern California.

Currently IMUA Volleyball Club is on of the top youth and junior indoor and beach volleyball clubs in all of the Central Coast of California.  We have produced more student athletes to play at the next level than any other volleyball club in the last decade.  IMUA will continue striving to provide the best service for our volleyball ohana moving forward...